Wisconsin economist believes labor shortage will persist and adds, `It might get worse`
After adding jobs each month this year, the number of jobs in Wisconsin declined in August.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Wisconsin lost 8,200 private-sector jobs and 10,400 total non-farm jobs in August. Wisconsin’s unemployment rate stayed at 3.9% despite the job loss and the state’s labor force participation rate increased nearly 5% to 66.5%.   

Amy Pechacek, secretary-designee of the Department of Workforce Development, said the total labor force “increased by 5,500 individuals, showing that more people are confident and eager to get back to work.”  

"In order to keep Wisconsin`s economy moving forward, we must get serious about combating the delta variant as COVID-19 continues to cause ripples in job markets due to many factors including supply chain issues, and consumer confidence in eating out or traveling, which directly affects the service-providing sector,” Pechacek said. ...


Ken Notes: We need a bipartisan initiative to address moving people back to work, housing for retail and service workers, school to work transition, and developing better skill sets in employees...

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