A Building of Timber: Milwaukee’s Ascent tower could become the future of sustainable construction

Milwaukee’s proposed 25-story Ascent tower sounds like a conventional housing project. Scheduled to open in September 2022, It offers 250+ apartments with beautiful views of downtown Milwaukee and Lake Michigan.

But one thing sets it apart from other housing towers in the United States, it is supposed to be the world’s tallest timber tower.

Why timber? Firms working on timber construction believe that compared to typical construction materials like steel and concrete, timber is easier and cheaper to use, and more durable in the long run. The best part: It could benefit the environment.

“Mass timber construction [a method of using timber for construction] requires 90% less construction traffic, 75% fewer workers on-site, and is 25% faster than traditional construction. All of these reductions factor into reduced emissions associated with the construction process,” said Tim Gokhman of New Land Enterprises, the team behind the Ascent tower...

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