La Crosse Center Expansion and Renovation: Q&A with Weston Gumbert
OCTOBER 8, 2021 - The La Crosse Center has been a staple for sports and events in the community since the 1980s. But 40 years later, it became clear that the building was ready for a facelift. Kraus-Anderson worked closely with the City of La Crosse and ISG through a lengthy planning process to renovate and expand the center into 120,000 square feet of multipurpose space, including new ballroom and pre-function space with a rooftop terrace that takes advantage of the beautiful Mississippi River views in Downtown La Crosse. As the project nears completion, Project Engineer Weston Gumbert talks through the new La Crosse Center, the project challenges, and how the new space will benefit the La Crosse community.

Can you tell us more about the scope of the addition and renovation project?

WESTON GUMBERT: The first phase of the project included renovating the existing arena. All of the seating was replaced and a higher quality sound system was installed. We also added railings and ADA-compliant platforms in the arena. We completely renovated the dressing rooms, locker rooms, restrooms, and concession stands. The second phase included demoing the existing entrance hall and exhibit hall, and building them back. The third phase included building the office mezzanine, which created new office spaces for the La Crosse Center staff. The fourth phase included completely renovating the existing staff office area and transforming it into the main concession stand, larger restrooms, and a corridor between the South and North sides of the facility. We also added grand stairs and escalators from the new entrance hall up to the new ballroom level.


Ken Notes: What a beautiful project. Community centers like this are more rare than they should be. Sporting, event and social spaces are good for the community....

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