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Ken Harwood
Advocating for Wisconsin
Ken  [at] KenHarwood.com

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Emmons Business Interiors

EBI takes the time to get to know you and your business. We’ll provide you with options so that together we can make the most of your space and stay within your budget.

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Findorff - Character Community Craftsmanship
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Findorff, builders of Wisconsin`s finest projects...
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SCS Engineers

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SCS - At the forefront of sustainable environmental solutions for over 40 years
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The Gialamas Company

 “Founded in 1976 by George and Candy Gialamas, The Gialamas Company specializes in Class A Commercial Real Estate. Old Sauk Trails Park, is one of the most prestigious business parks in Wisconsin; containing numerous office buildings supplemented by restaurants, hotels, financial institutions, a childcare facility and a walking/jogging trail system....
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Ayres Associates

Landscape Architecture, Planning, Architecture, Engineering...

Please see our blog here for updates... .

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Miron Construction

Miron’s comprehensive range of construction services are designed to meet the unique and diversified needs of our clients. Contact Us.
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IPR (Integrated Public Resources)

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As an affiliate of McMahon Associates, Inc., IPR provides Public/Private Partnership (P3) opportunities for a vast array of projects in small to medium-sized communities, as well as offering Municipal Administrator Services to local governments on an as-needed basis.
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MadREP Report
Stay up to date by reading our MadREP Report, a bi-monthly newsletter that features regional economic development news, events and opportunities.

Find older issues here.
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Economic Development Resources

Dane County ED

Got Moo-La?


Madison Area Chambers -- New!

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Engineered Construction Inc. / General Contractors

     Residential - Commercial - Retail - Controlled Environments
               DESIGN / BUILD & REMODELING

“Located in the Madison region for over 30 years, Engineered Construction is an industry leader in commercial construction and the restoration of commercial and residential fire and water damage.” See comments from our clients here.   ...Full Story Here
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JSD Professional Services
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JSD provides complete services in Planning & Development, Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Water Resources, Landscape Architecture, Construction Services, Surveying & Mapping, and Environmental Services. Offices in Madison - Milwaukee - Kenosha - Fox Valley & Wausau.
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        613 Williamson Street - Suite 210 Madison, WI 53703 - 608.467.1513

We are a team of commercial real estate experts devoted to ensuring commercial tenants receive conflict free, tenant-focused advice. Please Watch our video here.

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5NINES :::
helping our clients enjoy technology since 2001

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We manage your IT-- so you can focus on running your business

Know you need IT but not sure where to start? Let our technical experts designs an IT plan that works for your company. We`re your IT one stop shop.
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Milwaukee Land and Space

 Milwaukee - 1/1/2020 Journal Sentinel business reporter Tom Daykin talks about commercial real estate and development, including stores, hotels, offices, condos, apartments and industrial buildings...

Land & Space Development Database

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Ken Notes: Tom Daykin is the source for ED news in MKE. This is a permanent link to articles in his blog which is updated daily...
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Brothers Business Interiors

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The Wisconsin Development Network
Our Current Publications:

Ken Harwood
Advocating for Wisconsin
Editor [at] WisconsinDevelopment.com
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Wisconsin Incentives and Workforce Development Guide


Brownfield Grants: Grants to local governments, businesses, non-profits and individuals for developing commercial and industrial sites that have been adversely affected by environmental contamination.

Brownfield Site Assessment Grant: Grant funds to approved projects to assist local governments with conducting initial environmental assessment and demolition activities on an eligible abandoned, idle or underutilized industrial or commercial site.

Business Opportunity Loan Fund: Financing options ranging from loans to loan guaranties for businesses making investments to expand in or relocate to Wisconsin.

Capacity Building Grants: Grants to assist local and regional economic development groups to create an advanced economic development network within Wisconsin.

Capital Catalyst: Matching grants to seed funds managed by local communities and other eligible entities to provide capital to high-growth startups and emerging growth companies.

Community Development Investment Grant: Financial support for shovel-ready projects with particular emphasis on downtown community driven efforts that deliver significant, measurable benefits in job opportunities, property values, and/or leveraged investment by local and private partners.

Global Business Development Grants: Grant funding to support the growth and expansion of exports by Wisconsin companies.

Idle Industrial Sites Redevelopment: Highly competitive program offering grants to Wisconsin communities for the implementation of redevelopment plans for large industrial sites that have been idle, abandoned or underutilized for at least five years.

Industrial Revenue Bonds: A unique type of revenue bond organized and issued by a state or local government, the proceeds of which are directed to a private, for-profit business.

Seed Accelerator: Provides grants to eligible communities and other organizations to support a pre-seed business model program that incorporates training, mentoring and financial assistance to entrepreneurs in their area. Grant funds may be used as seed capital for companies in the accelerator, as well as for costs associated with initiating the accelerator program.

Special Project Loan Fund: Loans or loan guarantees to eligible companies preparing for future growth; diversifying operations, markets or product lines to increase competitiveness; or preparing a project site for future commercial development.

Technology Development Loans: Flexible lending program designed to assist high-tech startup and emerging growth companies in financing the development and launch of innovative products and services.


Business Development Tax Credit: Provides refundable income tax credits that can be earned based on jobs, capital investment, training and the location or retention of corporate headquarters.

Capital Gains Investment Incentives: Capital gains on funds invested in qualified Wisconsin businesses are completely exempt from the capital gains tax after the investment has been held for five years. Capital gains on existing investments which are sold in order to generate funds for investments in qualified Wisconsin businesses are deferred so that they are not taxed at the time they are invested in the Wisconsin businesses.

Development Opportunity Zones: Non-refundable tax credits for new and expanding businesses in the cities of Beloit, Janesville and Kenosha to assist with capital investment and the creation and retention of new, full-time jobs.

Enterprise Zone Tax Credit: Refundable tax credits for new and expanding businesses that can be earned based on job creation, job retention, training, investment and Wisconsin supply chain expenditures.

Historic Preservation Tax Credit: State income tax credit for 20% of the qualified rehabilitation expenditures for eligible buildings.

Job Creation Deduction: Companies can take an exclusion from income if they create jobs in Wisconsin of $4,000 per employee for small businesses and $2,000 per employee for larger businesses.

Manufacturing & Agriculture Credit: Available to individuals and entities for taxable years that begin on or after January 1, 2013, for manufacturing and agricultural activities in Wisconsin. The credit is a percentage of “eligible qualified production activities income.” The credit is calculated by multiplying eligible qualified production activities income by one of the following percentages.

  • For taxable years beginning after December 31, 2012, and before January1, 2014, 1.875%
  • For taxable years beginning after December 31, 2013, and before January 1, 2015, 3.75%
  • For taxable years beginning after December 31, 2014, and before January1, 2016, 5.526%
  • For taxable years beginning after December 31, 2015, 7.5%

For individuals, the credit is limited to the amount of income tax paid on the income from which the credit is based. For a corporation, eligible qualified production activities income is the lesser of:

  • eligible qualified production activities income,
  • income apportioned to Wisconsin, or
  • income taxable to Wisconsin as determined by combined reporting law, if the corporation is a member of a Wisconsin combined group

Property Tax Exemptions: Machinery and equipment used in manufacturing is exempt from personal property taxes. Manufacturer and merchant inventories are exempt from personal property taxes. Certain waste treatment facilities owned by utilities, manufacturers, and commercial businesses used for the treatment of industrial waste materials are exempt from general property taxes.

Qualified New Business Venture (QNBV) Program: Helps drive investment to innovate early-stage Wisconsin companies by allowing investors to claim a 25% tax credit on the amount they invest into a QNBV-certified business.

Research and Development Tax Credit: An R&D credit is available to corporations, sole proprietorships and pass-through entities equal to 5% (10% in some cases) of the excess of qualified research expenses for the current year over a base amount.

Sales Tax Exemptions: Wisconsin sales tax does not have to be paid on the following:

  • Machinery and equipment used by a manufacturer in producing tangible personal property.
  • Tangible personal property that becomes an ingredient or component of another product in the manufacturing process.
  • Tangible personal property that is consumed or loses its identity in the process of manufacturing tangible personal property.
  • Machinery, equipment and tangible personal property used in research by companies that are engaged in manufacturing or biotechnology.
  • Fuel and electricity used in manufacturing.


Apprenticeship Completion Award Program: Offers employers, adult apprentices and sponsors a 25% reimbursement (up to $1,000) for instruction costs, including tuition, books, materials and other course fees.

ExporTech: Export acceleration program to help Wisconsin companies expand their global market reach through targeted export strategy development and execution.

Industry Development: WEDC’s Division of Business and Industry Development delivers customized solutions—technical and financial—to established business associations, consortia and industry cluster organizations in order to create favorable conditions for expanding existing Wisconsin industries and attracting new companies to priority industry sectors in Wisconsin. The division also supports minority business development by working with and providing resources for revolving loan funds and technical assistance to minority business development groups.

Veteran Grant Program: Offers employers a state grant of up to $10,000 over four years for hiring and retaining eligible veterans.

Wisconsin Fast Forward: Makes $15 million in grants available to employers to develop and implement innovative and collaborative customized training solutions for skilled workers.

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Ken Notes: I ran across this and thought I would add links as time permits. Hope it helps...
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2017 Sponsors Thank You!

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Thumbs Up! WEDC creates Data base
Notes from Ken Harwood Editor WDNews and WisconsinDevelopment.com.

For several years I have suggested that WEDC create a database that lists all their loans, grants and other incentives and the current status of these investments. Now they do. Created for a report they recently issued, the data base is available online or as a spreadsheet.

If you are a business or ED professional, study the list an a resource of what type of assistance may be available. Make sure you have your local ED professional and representatives from WEDC as well as other agencies that may have available funds in the loop as you plan your expansion.

I will continue to advocate for a new jobs based tax credit to level the playing field and streamline the process, but do applaud the efforts of WEDC. I hope local media reports on this data base as well as the report and available options for new and growing businesses...

The Report is here...

All info is here...


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Ken Notes: I will keep this article as a permanent link in WDN.
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