Editorial: What President-elect Biden can do for Wisconsin — restore the Great Lakes
Joe Biden has been elected president with essential support from the voters of Wisconsin.

Wisconsinites chose Biden over Trump because they recognized a need for change, and many of those changes are specific to this state and to the Great Lakes region in which it is located. The list of what the new president can and should do for Wisconsin is long, but among the highest priorities must be an expanded federal commitment to clean up the most polluted areas of those Great Lakes.

Wisconsin is defined physically, culturally and economically by two of the planet’s largest lakes...

Ken Notes: I want to urge caution as to how we go about this. I agree that our Great Lakes are one of our greatest assets and must be kept clean, but I believe the best way to do this is to work with the companies that effect the water quality and adopt best practices rather than impose government mandates. The practice of yo-yo environmental policy has not been good for our environment nor our economy. Finally if air and water quality is a global policy, and I believe it is, we are not helping the "globe" by adapting policy that shifts jobs and factories to countries where less restrictions apply.

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