What is the future of State Street?
In the past decade, the city of Madison has grown substantially, having gained an additional 75,361 residents with much of that growth being centered in the downtown area.  

Such changes have caused the local community to question what the historic area will look like as Madison continues to grow as a city. As State Street looks to its future, two proposals in particular look to transform much of Madison’s retail, dining and cultural center.
Change #1: Incorporating a pedestrian-only area...
Change #2: Even more luxury housing...

Ken Notes: We need a tourist friendly / eco friendly transit option like an electric power rubber wheel trolley/streetcar system! Alas I am preaching to a deaf audience. We need to balance socioeconomic housing options from $500 to $5000 per month with an emphasis on the $500 side! State Street should be the Mecca for students, service and retail workers where the rest of us come to play shop and dine. We also need to return to face out affordable retail small shops, bars and restaurants. Let the big boxes and big chains go where big boxes and big chains belong.

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