Finalists in grant challenge show some creative thinking about the Midwest`s economic future
Drill down into the finalist list for the U.S. Economic Development Association’s $1 billion Build Back Better Regional Challenge and you get a surprisingly good look at what some of the Midwest’s thought leaders are doing.

Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, St. Louis. -- nearly all of the region’s big industrial cities -- are among 60 finalists the EDA culled from 529 applications...

...Wisconsin added an interesting twist as well: Milwaukee is the only big industrial city in the Midwest whose proposal didn’t make the list of 60 finalists.

But the Wisconsin Paper Council, representing 35 counties, is a finalist with its proposal for “A Wisconsin forest products cluster: a catalyst for sustainable, enduring transformation.” This one aims to “meet, exceed, anticipate, and drive the demands of our 21st-century customers seeking sustainable, high-performance products, while creating a resilient and thriving rural economy underpinned by sustainable forest management.”....


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