Collaboration at the heart of UW-Eau Claire’s $9.4 million Workforce Innovation Grant
The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire received a $9.4 million grant from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. through the agency’s Workforce Innovation Grant program. Gov. Tony Evers announced UW-Eau Claire’s award at a press conference on campus on Dec. 14. UW-Eau Claire’s three-year award, the first of 12 such grants announced across the state, will focus on strengthening the workforce for rural health and wellbeing.

When Dr. Mike Carney first met with Dr. Carmen Manning to develop UW-Eau Claire’s proposal, their goal was to craft a bold plan to address the significant needs of rural communities tied to education, health care and small business success.Carney and Manning knew the only way their bold plan could become a reality was for UW-Eau Claire to lean into the expertise of its faculty and staff and the broad network of partners and collaborators that have helped shape the university for decades....


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