Evers releases first-ever Clean Energy Plan for Wisconsin

MADISON (WKOW) — Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers unveiled the state`s first Clean Energy Plan Tuesday, aiming to build Wisconsin energy independence and lower energy bills for residents.

According to a news release from Evers` office, this plan was drafted alongside the Office of Sustainability and Clean Energy. It`s part of the agency`s stated goal to reach 100% carbon-free power by 2050...

Clean Energy Plan


Ken Notes: Read the report! It actually mentions smaller distributed generation, bio/ag digestion, and mentions working with local government, business and the tribes. These are all among many of the issues I have been advocating for for the last decade.

In fact here is the guiding agenda for WDNGreen.com developed in 2012. I am sure any similarities are purely coincidental.

Now the real trick will be to find and prioritize efforts based on return on investment and make investments in offsetting upfront capital needed for many of the programs so they can be competitive in the marketplace.

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