Former Foxconn executive blames Evers administration for company`s inability to fulfill promises
MADISON Wis. (CBS 58) -- A former Foxconn executive is putting blame on the Evers administration, media reports, and the business climate as reasons why the company was unable to deliver on many of its promises and commitments to Wisconsin.

Former Foxconn executive Alan Yeung tried to explain what went wrong with Foxconn on an episode of Decoder, a podcast from the Verge who reports on the business and technology sector....

Ken Notes: I did say Foxconn would be looking for excuses to pack up and go home. This has not changed, we need to keep the commitment to make payments to cover the investment in acquisitions and infrastructure already made in tact. They would like out of this commitment and will look for any excuse to break it. The goal is to stick to the contracts. Remember also, the Verge is interested in writing it`s own story.

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