Best & Worst States For Business 2022: Wisconsin Leans In After Near Misses
To the extent it’s possible in a relatively buttoned-up state where cheese curds and beer haven’t yet given way to oat milk and microgreens as dietary staples, economic development in Wisconsin has become something of a wild west.

There’s the recent near-miss on landing Intel and its $20-billion microchip factory that went to Ohio instead. There’s the problem of figuring out whether Foxconn is ever going to do anything significant with its parcel in the southeastern corner of the state that was supposed to be economically transformative. And then there’s the kerfuffle over whether U.S. Senator Ron Johnson doesn’t care about keeping every possible job in his home state.

Yet through it all, Wisconsin doggedly has resumed its rather steady climb in the Chief Executive “Best and Worst States for Business” rankings this year, improving to No. 19 from No. 22...


Ken Notes: The focus on Foxconn and politics has taken us away from the EPIC`s, Exact Sciences, tech, manufacturing, retail, tourism, start ups, and expanding companies that are actually driving our economy.

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