Starting with housing to reduce racial disparities in Milwaukee
Historic racism, state-level meddling and decade-long trends have combined to severely harm the state of affordable housing in Milwaukee. To solve it, a citywide and long-term plan is required, according to Teig Whaley-Smith, the chief alliance officer at the Community Development Alliance and a former Milwaukee County official.

Whaley-Smith spoke Tuesday at a meeting of the Milwaukee Rotary Club about what is needed to reduce racial disparities in homeownership in the city, a problem with branches that extend from the health and education of children to the area’s economic strength.

“These problems have been created over centuries and we are not going to solve them overnight,” he said. “But it’s important that we do it together to make progress, and why start with housing? So there are hospital representatives in the room, public safety folks, people in economic development and running your own business and work on employment. And it turns out that housing is deeply attached to all of those other social determinants of health. And we’re understanding this more and more through some really recent research. For example, in education, kids that come from families that are in stable housing, have a 20-30% lower dropout rate. That’s huge.”...


Ken Notes: When Wisconsin communities wanted to increase their business foot print the invested in land for industrial parks. They should now do the same thing to encourage the housing they want in the cities...

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