EDITORIAL: A surface parking lot for Downtown lakefront? Really?
Madison’s beautiful lakefront in the heart of Downtown is definitely not the place for a surface parking lot.

Yet 58 stalls painted onto a long swath of concrete fill much of the Lake Monona shoreline in Law Park between Machinery Row and Monona Terrace.

Our city can — and must — be more creative with such prime public space.

Access to Lake Monona from the Capitol Square, just a few blocks away, is similarly short-sighted. Good luck finding an easy or direct route to the water. A 33-foot drop, six lanes of traffic and railroad tracks stand in your way.

The Lake Monona waterfront Downtown is ripe for a remake. And we hope and urge that it finally happens....

Ken Notes: I love the "deck" ideas that have floated in the past. We could do a lot with the area but it would take an entire team of developers and community support. Let`s tap George Austin one more time before he retires for good!

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