Wisconsin Ranks No. 23 Among America`s Top States For Business: CNBC

The Badger State`s 2022 ranking from CNBC dropped two places since last year.

WISCONSIN — Infrastructure, education and the cost of doing business in the Badger State propelled it to No. 23 in America`s Top States for Business in 2022, the business and financial news network CNBC`s annual competitiveness ranking.

Wisconsin`s most recent score, however, is a drop since last year. In 2021, Wisconsin ranked No. 21 in the competitiveness rankings, weighted according to the frequency states use attributes such as the strength of the workforce, the state of infrastructure development and the cost of doing business as selling points in their economic development materials, CNBC said...

...Wisconsin accumulated 1304 points:

Workforce: 197 points, D+ letter grade
Infrastructure: 218 points, B- letter grade
Cost of doing business: 215 points, A letter grade
Economy: 155 points, D+ letter grade
Life, health and inclusion: 144 points, D+ letter grade
Technology and innovation: 140 points, C+ letter grade
Business friendliness: 80 points, D- letter grade
Education: 104 points, B+ letter grade
Access to capital: 23 points, D+ letter grade
Cost of living: 28 points, C+ letter grade


Ken Notes: Some easy fixes would improve this exponentially. Housing, Diversity, A Stronger Business Development Network, Partner With Banking community, Invest in and Support the Wisconsin Idea -- All within our reach we just need to work together. I challenge business to get out of politics and into Wisconsin Development.

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