Solar on Wisconsin city hall provides for more than half of the complex’s energy needs
A 389 kW solar array installed on the rooftop of Wauwatosa City Hall, Wisconsin’s is providing energy equivalent to 55% of the city complex’s total annual use, reducing carbon emissions by 358 tons.

The city made a commitment in 2010 to cut emissions in half by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, and recently made the decision to power city hall with solar. The city hall complex includes government offices plus the local civic center and public library. The complex has a flat roof area of just under an acre, perfect for rooftop solar, but challenges included shading on parts of the roof as well as Wisconsin snowy weather. Arch Solar C&I was selected as the installer after convincing the council that the solar system would provide enough clean energy to help Wauwatosa meet its green goals, while offsetting upfront costs through a fast ROI...


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