Wisconsin’s Meat Talent Development Program is on the fast track

July 29, 2022 By Larry Lee Filed Under: Ag Education, Animal Agriculture, Animal Protein, Beef, Livestock, Meat Processing Plants, News, Pigs, Pork, Poultry, Scholarships & Internships, Wisconsin

A Wisconsin effort to get more people trained as meat processors is developing rapidly.  Betsy Leonard with the Wisconsin Technical College System tells Brownfield the Meat Talent Development Program partnership with the state’s ag department has moved from an idea to a program rapidly.  “It is not very easy to start a conversation in January and have programming come to fruition in that same August, or in that same calendar or fiscal year and a lot of our nine colleges are looking at starting this programming already this fall in some sort of manner.”...


Ken Notes: Clearly not on the minds of most highschoolers!

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