City and County Announce Additional $9 million Investment in Men’s Homeless Shelter

The Commitment Represents the Single Largest Investment in the Dane County Capital Budget

County Executive Joe Parisi and Mayor Rhodes-Conway announced major developments today in the ongoing partnership between the City and the County to support the construction of the state’s first shelter for men experiencing homelessness. With construction planned for 2024, this 40,000 square foot facility will have space for 200 people. It will be located on 1902 Bartillon Drive on the City’s Eastside.

County Executive Joe Parisi announced his 2023 Capital Budget, which will be released October 3, 2022, will include $6 million to support the men’s homeless shelter project. This is the single largest capital investment in the County Budget. Dane County previously committed $3 million for this work, but is tripling the allocation as a continuation of its focus to address homelessness with long-term solutions that aim to get people into stable housing. Coupled with $10 million from the City, and a $2 million Federal grant secured by Congressman Mark Pocan, the shelter is on a strong footing for future success...


Ken Notes: One more time the region needs to invest not in a shelter but rather a lifestyle center where anyone (including homeless, entrepreneurs, startups and others) can get mail, work, access internet, relax, exercise, wash clothes, eat affordably, socialize, get mental health care, get basic health care, seek drug and alcohol counseling and treatment, find jobs and temporary work

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