Madison City Council surprises by approving Raemisch Farm rezoning
The Madison City Council on Tuesday displayed a stunning reversal of course and approved the rezoning of Raemisch Farm at 4150 Packers Ave.

The council voted 15-3 to approve a rezoning, switching the plot of land from zoned for agriculture to residential. The vote was a full 180 from previous council votes on proposals for the development. In August 2021, the council voted 15-2 to deny the project, and voted 14-6 to deny it a second time in February.

The development is close to the Dane County Airport, where F-35 fighter jets will be housed at Truax Field beginning in 2023. The potential noise from the jets has caused many to question how ethical it is to place residential housing close to where the jets take off and land...


Ken Notes: Now lets develop a neighborhood with smaller affordable homes for our service and retails workforce with great amenities and resources...

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