Dept. of Workforce Development: Up to $5 million in Wisconsin Fast Forward grants now available to employers to train unemployed, underemployed, and
MADISON – Employers are now able to apply for the latest round of Wisconsin Fast Forward grants from the Department of Workforce Development (DWD). Up to $5 million in funding is available to employers who demonstrate a critical need for skilled workers and are seeking training grants to develop and implement a business-led skills training program.

The Fast Forward Program encourages the development of innovative solutions at the local and regional level to bring together employers, educators, workforce development entities, and economic development organizations to meet area workforce needs and increase the economic capacity of area residents.

“Wisconsin’s historic economic performance combined with demographic trends that have been decades in the making mean many employers are experiencing challenges in finding skilled talent,” DWD Secretary-designee Amy Pechacek said. “The Fast Forward program helps Wisconsin employers provide customized training to fill their open positions. At the same time, it places workers, including trainees, in positions that offer long-term professional growth and economic opportunity.”...

Learn more about the Wisconsin Fast Forward Program.


Ken Notes: I`d like a grant to restart a newsletter dedicated to share ideas and resources about Apprenticeships, School to Work issues, and job training opportunities in Wisconsin. There are hundreds of programs and opportunities but no good central clearinghouse to make all the options and opportunities available.

The cost "all in" would be about 10K per year and the weekly newsletter and website would include links to every tech school, professional association and their training programs, high school program, and businesses providing apprenticeships and on the job training. I did this in the past for two years with 4K Subscribers -- but I do not want to chase down individual sponsors unless I charge a lot more...

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