‘How do I ever get caught up, if I’m always catching up?’?Poverty’s unrelenting grip on Milwaukee
Unpaid bills often put Elizabeth Brown in the position of choosing between which of her family’s needs should get priority, a struggle familiar to many Milwaukeeans.

Brown, 43, is in many ways the face of poverty in Milwaukee.

She is stuck in a cycle that has her consistently choosing between feeding her family or paying such items as rent or utilities.

As a result, digging out is a pervasive feature of her life and that of many others in Milwaukee, which ranks second in poverty among the nation’s 50 most populous cities.

Ken Notes: This should not happen in Wisconsin or anywhere else for that matter. I an a fiscal conservative and can prove it is actually cheaper to take care of all our citizens than it is to ignore any of them. We have long forgotten Tommy Thompson`s W2 program that respected workers and gave them a hand up rather than a hand out.

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