Wauwatosa wants more affordable apartments. Why do those projects face financing challenges?
A large Wauwatosa apartment development plan has been dropped — in part because its backers were unable to reach an agreement with city officials over their request for financing help.

Meanwhile, another development that city officials have agreed to help subsidize is now seeking a federal grant to supplement its financing. But there`s no guarantee the project will get that cash.

Both plans include apartments rented at below-market rates — part of Wauwatosa`s efforts to increase the number of affordable housing units...

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Ken Notes: It is about profit margins, zoning exclusion, and appreciating vs. depreciating assets. We need to rethink affordable and workforce housing. We must look for models in other regions that work, move away from subsidized housing and start buying land so we can control the type of development we want. We did this after WWII and we can do it again but the current political climate may prevent us from working together. I am hoping to put together a new newsletter and resource website on Workforce Housing and am seeking partners for the project. You can see a rough draft at http://wwhnews.com/...

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