‘It would delay the project even further’: Dane Co. Executive Parisi vetoes jail amendment in 2023 County Budget
MADISON, Wis. — Dane County Executive Joe Parisi signed the 2023 County Budget on Wednesday, setting aside more than $850 million for work around the area.

“The past few years of a pandemic, and more recently poverty exacerbated by inflation, serve as frank reminders of the need to always plan for tomorrow,” Parisi said. “The 2023 Dane County budget builds upon the work we’ve done over the past decade.”

Not everything on the budget passed, however. Parisi vetoed an amendment to abandon a proposed six-story jail in favor of a five-story building.

“It was pretty much universally agreed upon, you know, between folks in law enforcement and others who are looking at it, that it would not close the City-County Building jail, and it would delay the project even further,” he told News 3 Now Wednesday. “The concern was just that the version that was passed was too small, and would be obsolete the day it opened.”...

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