Gov. Evers: Under Gov. Evers, Wisconsin top state for ARPA investments into economic development and business assistance

Gov. Tony Evers today highlighted a recent analysis of state allocations of federal aid under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). The analysis showed that, as a share of federal aid received by states and directed by Gov. Evers, Wisconsin is the top state in the country for aid directed to overall economic development and the top state in the country in aid directed to assist businesses. 

Among investments directed by Gov. Evers to support Wisconsin businesses and economic development includes his popular Main Street Bounceback Grant Program, one of the successful small business assistance programs created by the Evers Administration to support Wisconsin’s economic recovery and help fill empty storefronts in all 72 of Wisconsin’s counties. Gov. Evers today announced that nearly 7,200 small businesses and nonprofits have been approved for $10,000 grants to fill empty storefronts through the Main Street Bounceback Grant Program...


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