Belvidere on track to open its first marijuana dispensary

Belvidere on track to open its first marijuana dispensary

BELVIDERE — Belvidere is one step closer to obtaining its first marijuana dispensary.

The city`s Planning and Zoning Commission approved a special-use permit Tuesday helping to pave the way for the $4 million development.

Developer Mike Mackinnon of Hoffman Estate-based Heidner Properties described the city as an ideal location.

"The proximity to the interstate, the proximity to the Wisconsin border and just the overall growth of the development within the community is pretty exciting," he said.

"There will be video cameras on the inside that cover every square inch of the retail facility as required by Illinois law, and there will also be video cameras out in the parking lot,"


Ken Notes: Interesting that they actually use the Wisconsin proximity to market the project. I have a question will Wisconsin be able to subpoena the video since it is technically a crime to cross the border with product?

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