Sturgeon Bay Approves Development Terms for Downtown Project

Sturgeon Bay Approves Development Terms for Downtown Project

The commitment would create the city’s eighth Tax Increment District

The Sturgeon Bay Common Council approved a development agreement Tuesday related to constructing a building for music performances and lessons in a vacant lot at the northeast corner of 3rd Avenue and Jefferson Street.

Shirley Weese Young, who purchased the parcel, is planning to build a two-story structure where the Moeller’s Garage auto dealership once stood. The development’s first floor will house a 6,809-square-foot music venue/school called Muse, a 1,200-square-foot outdoor patio and a 475-square-foot area for public restrooms.

The project plans also include the building’s second floor, with 6,809 square feet, having 11 studio apartments with 430-450 square feet of space each that would be leasable starting at $770 per month, plus utilities. The site will also have an exterior parking area and other amenities...


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