Milwaukee, Madison, & Minneapolis By Train: What We Know, What We Don’t, & What’s Next

Milwaukee, Madison, & Minneapolis By Train: What We Know, What We Don’t, & What’s Next

Roads and bridges matter. So do trains, buses, and bike paths. But for being a world leader in many ways, the US still trails many countries in terms of public infrastructure.

In Germany, for example, 23% of commuters bike to work and another 26% use public transportation. In America, those numbers are 10% and 11%, respectively.

Fortunately, that’s changing.

More than 160 specific infrastructure projects have already been earmarked to receive funds in the Badger State, thanks to Biden’s once-in-a-generation Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. One of the biggest is Wisconsin’s proposed Amtrak expansion...

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) received $66 million in federal funding to improve and expand Amtrak service.


Ken Notes: I sat on Tommy Thompson`s rail advisory committee and I can not stress enough how difficult this will be. Tommy was able to reign in the rail owners, but that was a very difficult task and took more that a bit of arm twisting. I am not sure there is that type of leadership in place today. Bottom line, we do not own the rail corridors or the existing infrastructure for that matter, without support there this will be an uphill battle regardless of politics.

Also the amount we are working with is $66 million. Governor Walker turned away $810 million and paid Talgo $42 million plus a $9.2 Million dollar law suit and Talgo got to keep the trains. We need a plan and leadership. We have a dream.

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