$3 million investment in river transport

$3 million investment in river transport

The Port of La Crosse and a local marine transport company have received over $3 million from the state`s Harbor Assistance Program for new construction and some repairs. Most of the new facilities will support exports from the agricultural community.

Sen. Brad Pfaff (D-Onalaska) was joined by Secretary Craig Thompson from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and representatives from F.J. Robers Co. and J.F. Brennan at the Port of La Crosse Tuesday to recognize the grant money and the investment in transportation. "This region is a transportation hub. We need to continue to invest in transportation to help make this economy in this area move forward," Pfaff said. "When we talk about investing and growing this economy, it`s recognizing what transportation and an integrated intermodal transportation system means for the people, the community and the economy of this region." Over the past decade, the Harbor Assistance Program has invested nearly $7.6 million in the Port of La Crosse.

Ken Notes: For those who care my new job is working for the Mississippi River Regional Planning Commission where I focus on transportation issues. Having the river recognized as The Northern Grain Belt Port Statistical Area Was extremely important in securing development dollars for the region.

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