Sustaining Economic Growth In The Face Of Industry Shifts

Sustaining Economic Growth In The Face Of Industry Shifts

Amidst economic transformation through dwindling traditional industries and post-pandemic shifts, Wisconsin has made moves that are reaping rewards.

In recent decades, many local and regional economies across the United States have transformed with the rise of emerging industries — coupled with the decline of traditional sectors that have been the lifeblood of growth for many years. Post-pandemic shifts have also had well-documented impacts on the economy, and the workforce that support it. Businesses, government, and economic development groups have responded to such changes with varying levels of success and innovation. In northern Wisconsin, a three-pronged approach has brought a resurgence of economic growth in recent years. Four counties on this state’s northern border, for instance, have made population gains even as the long-standing mining and lumber industries there have declined. A focus on tourism and outdoor recreation assets, prioritizing business and workforce needs, especially “Main Street” establishments, and investment in infrastructure, including broadband, are the trifecta that’s working for Wisconsin in 2023.

The Great Outdoors As Economic Engine...


Ken Notes: I have suggested for years we look at recreation as an economic engine. Better than mines, wires, and bio-hazards...

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