UW plans to unlock funding

UW plans to unlock funding

System proposes beefing up high-demand majors

The Universities of Wisconsin announced a plan Monday to seek the $32 million the Republican-controlled Legislature withheld from it earlier this year over the universities` unwillingness to eliminate its diversity, equity and inclusion programs.

The plan announced Monday would use the money to fund engineering, nursing and health care, business and finance, and computer and data science programs at 13 schools in the UW system.

That plan seeks to follow Republicans` demand that the withheld $32 million be directly applied to workforce development programs as many Wisconsin employers face labor shortages.

"This plan is exactly what the Legislature is looking for — a concentrated emphasis on adding more graduates to the workforce in key areas," UW system President Jay Rothman said. "Our view is that the plan will go some ways toward addressing the demand for workforce in the state of Wisconsin."...

...But it appears unlikely the Legislature will sign off on the plan to distribute the $32 million for workforce programs without the university system first eliminating or reducing DEI.

"It looks like a good proposal," Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester said. "Once we work out an agreement on DEI, we`d be happy to move forward."...


Ken Notes: This is politics at its worst. I still recommend the Arkansas approach. Eliminate all the DEI specific positions, then move all the current DEI employees into Human Resources and Student Services positions, finally make ALL HR and Student Services responsible for creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment system wide.

DEI becomes not a department -- it becomes a part of the One of the longest and deepest traditions surrounding the University of Wisconsin, The Wisconsin Idea. Specifically that diversity, equity, and inclusion should influence people’s lives beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

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