A Look at Milwaukee’s Zoning Reform Proposal

A Look at Milwaukee’s Zoning Reform Proposal

The ‘Growing MKE’ plan calls for allowing ADUs, reducing barriers to new construction, and expanding the types of housing available in the city’s residential areas.

A proposal dubbed ‘Growing MKE’ would expand the types of housing that can be built in Milwaukee and streamline the permitting process for residential development, reports Jeramey Jannene in Urban Milwaukee.

The proposal, created by the Department of City Development (DCD), anticipates that the city’s population will grow from roughly 600,000 to one million and follows other cities that are using zoning reform to stem the housing affordability crisis and improve mobility and sustainability.

As Jannene explains, “A key component of the plan calls for expanding the number and types of buildings that can be constructed without legislative approval, instead allowing code-conforming projects to advance through what is commonly called ‘by right’ development.” This would include accessory dwelling units (ADUs), duplexes and triplexes, and other higher-density buildings in certain corridors...


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