GOP bill would create state tax credit for video game companies

GOP bill would create state tax credit for video game companies

Republican lawmakers recently circulated legislation that would create a tax credit aimed at attracting video game companies to Wisconsin. 

Rep. Clint Moses, R-Menomonie, and Sen. Patrick Testin, R-Stevens Point, sent a co-sponsorship memo to other lawmakers promoting the bill. In it, they note the video game industry dwarfs both movies and television, and is expected to grow 8.7% per year between 2024 and 2027. 

res“Many employers in the video game industry have expressed an interest in leaving California, the current hub of the industry,” the lawmakers wrote. “These companies wish to expand their base and bring in additional studios. This is quite the opportunity for Wisconsin.” 

Vancouver, Quebec and Austin, Tex. are considered “primary growth regions” for video game development due to their tax incentive programs, according to the memo. The bill authors say the proposed bill would create a similar tax incentive for video game companies...

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Ken Notes: I`d need to know more, but on the surface this makes some sense...

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