La Crosse’s River Point District development

La Crosse’s River Point District development

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Every night this week, we’re spotlighting the people, places, and things that make La Crosse County unique in the latest edition of our County by County series...

...Project Manager Jason Gilman says the River point District will provide plenty of housing opportunities, “This is probably going to be about 1200 housing units, probably over $300 million in investment in tax base. It’s a transit-oriented development, which means it’s served by public transportation. Many of the architects and developers that are working on it are employing smart technology for energy efficiency in the buildings.”

La Crosse Redevelopment Authority Chair ADAM Hatfield says it’s exciting to see a project this big in the city, “We want to create density in the city. River points are a fantastic way to create that density, create new tax base for the city, and create something that’s brand new and really something this size hasn’t been seen in a long time for La Crosse.”

The River Point District will have many things embedded in it, including businesses, market rate housing, mixed income housing, and waterfront access. “Neighborhood is more than housing. It’s creating sense as a community, creating senses of public space, of green space, and really making it again connected to a lot of the things that people enjoy in lacrosse and really make La Crosse special.”...


Ken Notes: Nice project coming to La Crosse...

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