$100M Wisconsin Investment Fund will focus on tech, biohealth start ups

$100M Wisconsin Investment Fund will focus on tech, biohealth start ups

As the leader of a health startup, Vivek Swaminathan knows access to capital is critical. 

Swaminathan leads Cardamom Health, a Madison-based firm that specializes in data analytics and improving health care outcomes. 

“Oftentimes we’re trying to make decisions when we can finally afford to make them instead of when it’s really right for our business,” he said.

Cardamom Health will be one of the first firms to receive money from the Wisconsin Investment Fund, a public-private initiative launched Wednesday in Madison.

“We’re using this money to help grow our team, to add folks not only who are experts in their field or in the technology, but also folks who may not have the ability to get into healthcare IT otherwise,” he said.

The Wisconsin Investment Fund will start with $50 million from the federal government through the State Small Business Credit Initiative, which was reauthorized and expanded under President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act. Venture capital firms will provide $50 million in matching funds...

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