Old Sauk Road neighbors fight apartment project, call it `monstrosity`

Old Sauk Road neighbors fight apartment project, call it `monstrosity`

Residents near Old Sauk Road in Madison are petitioning to try to block a proposed apartment building that will go before the city Plan Commission on Monday.

The apartment building proposed by Madison-based Stone House Development would be three stories tall and provide market-rate housing with 138 units.

In a letter to the Plan Commission, resident Don Worel complained that the development would add traffic congestion and other disturbances at 6610-6706 Old Sauk Road. The properties currently contain two single-family homes and one two-family home, all of which would be demolished if the city grants Stone House its rezoning request and permits.

“Yes, we need more affordable ‘missing middle’ housing in Madison. Certainly, add more density where it makes sense. The proposed apartments are neither affordable nor do they add anything to the ‘missing middle,’” Worel wrote to city planners. “What they will add is congestion, noise, and parking issues to a section of Old Sauk Road that is already dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists, and school children alike.”...

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Ken Notes: Not a monstrosity, but not creating missing middle equity either -- which is what we really need. Smaller homes and other purchasable units so we can grow a middle class again...

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