WEDC grant to help Elkhart Lake with housing developments

WEDC grant to help Elkhart Lake with housing developments

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) has awarded the Village of Elkhart Lake a $200,000 Idle Site Redevelopment (ISR) grant.

The grant will help the village prepare a site for two housing developments, one with 50 rental units, affordable housing for seasonal workers as well as veterans and people with disabilities; and the other with 70 townhomes, with no income restrictions. The ISR grant will help the village cover demolition and infrastructure costs.

“We’re a resort community with a lot of hospitality industries, so we’re hoping this will help a lot of those employees struggling to find places to live,” said Jessica Reilly, village administrator and clerk. “We don’t have a lot of apartments in the village. With these two apartment developments, we’re hoping to expand who can come here to live and work.”...


Ken Notes: We need a comprehensive Wisconsin strategy / policy (legislation?) to support communities acquiring property for Workforce Housing and then controlling the development to a given set of standards. We do this now with TIF and our industrial parks. Also, we currently are slowing inflation with higher interest rates and with housing costs now approaching and average close to 400K I get it -- my question is why could we not create an opportunity to buy sub 200K homes at far more affordable rates. We shift the market demand, create equity for a segment of our economy that needs it, and encourage the growth we know we need most???

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