Wisconsin gets $49M in federal funds for biohealth tech hub

Wisconsin gets $49M in federal funds for biohealth tech hub

Wisconsin will get $49 million in federal support to develop a tech hub for biohealth, the U.S. Commerce Department announced Tuesday.

The goal of the state’s tech hub project is to advance technology to improve diagnosis and treatment for illness and centers on personalized health care — tailoring medical care to the distinctive genetic differences among patients.

“Wisconsin’s biohealth tech hub will be an economic driver for the state,” Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisconsin) said in a news conference she held Monday to preview the announcement. “It will help entrepreneurs scale up their operations and grow..

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Ken Notes: I`m on vacation, but this is a BIG deal... so I came in to post it. This is what government working well can accomplish -- unfortunately we have sort of broken the system... There are a lot of articles but you also are on vacation soon so I will catch you up next week...

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