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This Weeks Articles...

  1. Judge Doyle Square hotel could see design changes
  2. WEDC optimistic about Foxconn deal
  3. Evers calls for unemployment system overhaul, $200 million investment in broadband
  4. New Beer Ex­pe­rience Coming to Old World Wisconsin
  5. A 140-unit affordable apartment development could be coming to a large vacant downtown site owned by Marquette
  6. Wisconsin DOT Allocates $131.4 Million for Local Governments
  7. Shaky grounds: Slowed by COVID, Madison coffee shops look for new revenue streams
  8. Federal Eviction Moratorium Extended to January 31
  9. Prioritize populations for COVID-19 vaccinations
  10. Work-Share program requirement waived, max. funding allowed
  11. Affordable apartments in Milwaukee`s Riverwest, Harbor District contend for tax credits
  12. The Biggest Donors to Wisconsin Political Parties in 2020
  13. WEDC must also support businesses that are thriving amid pandemic, says CEO Hughes
  14. Worried about paying mortgage? What struggling homeowners need to know
  15. Residential development with senior housing advances in Bristol

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Judge Doyle Square hotel could see design changes
he evolving Judge Doyle Square project could see design changes as a developer seeks alterations to the proposed hotel slated for a prime parcel downtown.

The complex $175 million public-private development, which includes parking, commercial space, apartments and a hotel on the two blocks now occupied by the Madison Municipal Building and nearly demolished Government East parking garage, has been in the works for years and seen several iterations.  

Beitler Real Estate Services has proposed building the hotel and a second-phase structure that would include housing on the block where the Government East garage sits...

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WEDC optimistic about Foxconn deal
Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. Secretary Missy Hughes said she’s optimistic about a new deal with Foxconn, but dodged on the details.

WEDC asked to work with Foxconn on a new agreement that aligns with the company’s plans for development in southeastern Wisconsin. WEDC ruled Foxconn was not eligible for $3 billion in tax credits this year after the company scrapped a plan to build a massive fabrication factory.

Ahead of a Milwaukee Press Club-WisPolitics.com virtual panel yesterday, Hughes said WEDC’s practice is not to comment on current conversations it’s having with businesses, including Foxconn. But that didn’t stop reporters from trying to get the details of the current negotiations between the agency and the tech giant....


Ken Notes:If we can keep them here, they do have to potential of building something interesting in the State.

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Evers calls for unemployment system overhaul, $200 million investment in broadband
Gov. Tony Evers, delivering Wisconsin’s first virtual State of the State, announced tonight he will call the Legislature into special session to take up legislation to modernize the unemployment system after a backlog of claims plagued his administration for much of the past year.

Evers also declared 2021 the “Year of Broadband Access,” promising to include another $200 million to help provide access to high-speed Internet to more corners of the state.

And he pledged to put the squeeze on GOP lawmakers in the upcoming redistricting process with a provision in his state budget that would require them to draw “our maps in the light of day, in the public eye, and with public input by requiring public meetings for the map-drawing process.” Evers is expected to veto the maps Republicans draw with the courts most likely having final say in what the state’s political boundaries look like for a decade...

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Ken Notes:One more time, when we invest in broadband we are often only paying for what providers have to install anyway. We need to tie rural systems to urban access. Until we do this we are throwing good money after bad. Imagine if our electric utilities were allowed to serve only two thirds of the grid???

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New Beer Ex­pe­rience Coming to Old World Wisconsin

WAUKESHA, Wis.— A long-awaited, historic brewing experience is in its first construction phase at Old World Wisconsin.

This multi-million dollar project finally broke ground after several decades of planning.

Building designers say that the project is developing according to their plans. Right now, they`re starting to construct a brand new building. 

Director of Old World Wisconsin, Dan Freas, says this new beer education experience is one of the first attempts to showcase the history and culture of beer, and brewing, in the Badger State. 

Alongside the Milwaukee-based Museum of Beer and Brewing, Old World Wisconsin envisions bringing historical beer aesthetics to visitors, by using 19th-century brewing techniques.


Ken Notes: I am strongly considering becoming a history buff... On the serious side, Wisconsin needs to promote it`s entire craft brewing, Wine, and spirits industry from both a marketing and tourism perspective. I hate to see Colorado outdoing us -- but they are.

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A 140-unit affordable apartment development could be coming to a large vacant downtown site owned by Marquette

A 140-unit affordable apartment development is planned for a large vacant downtown site owned by Marquette University.

Known as Michigan Street Commons, it would be built on around 7 acres bordered mainly by North Lovell, North 10th, West Michigan and West Clybourn streets.

Meanwhile, a historic downtown building that already features affordable apartments could be getting more than 30 additional units.

Kenosha-based Bear Development LLC is seeking affordable housing tax credits from the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority to help finance Michigan Street Commons...


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Wisconsin DOT Allocates $131.4 Million for Local Governments
The Wisconsin Department of Transportation recently announced $131.4 million in funding has been distributed to communities across the state.

The funding, announced Jan. 11, marks the first quarterly transportation aid payment local government agencies will receive in 2021. Payments support Wisconsin’s 1,922 villages, towns, cities and counties...

Ken Notes:I served on several Wisconsin Advisory Groups for distribution of road construction funds. We need a State wide transit scoring matrix to prioritize repair and new construction. It now often depends on who can write the best request...

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Shaky grounds: Slowed by COVID, Madison coffee shops look for new revenue streams

If Ground Zero Coffee decides to open again after the pandemic winter, the 24-year-old Williamson Street café will be a different place.

“We will have to hire all new staff, train them,” said Lynn Lee, who co-owns Ground Zero and two (open) locations of Cargo Coffee with his brother, Lindsey Lee. “It’s a daunting thing to face opening a new coffee shop in the spring, even though it’s an old coffee shop. At the moment we’re not sure what the future is.”

Ground Zero is among several local cafes, including Cool Beans Coffee Café, Porter and the Capitol Square location of Colectivo, to close temporarily during a season that’s historically slow and worse, with pandemic-related restrictions on indoor seating...


Ken Notes: If and when the pandemic passes, we will be craving the social interaction we were deprived of for so long. I hope we can revive these shops but fear we can not because we have spent the money that could help already. I will return to my hurricane analogy, rather than board up and wait for the storm to pass we tried to rebuild while the winds still blew...

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Federal Eviction Moratorium Extended to January 31

MADISON – Recent federal legislation extends a September 2020 order from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) titled Temporary Halt in Residential Evictions to Prevent the Further Spread of COVID-19. This order, which protects tenants from being evicted based on nonpayment of rent, will now run through January 31, 2021.

“Wisconsin renters should know that they are not automatically entitled to protections under the CDC order,” said Lara Sutherlin, Administrator of DATCP’s Division of Trade and Consumer Protection. “We encourage Wisconsin tenants who are struggling to make rent payments to seek this important relief by submitting their request in writing to their landlord.”..

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Prioritize populations for COVID-19 vaccinations
Honorable Tony Evers, Governor
Delivered by email
State Capitol, 115 E
Madison, WI 53702

Dear Governor Evers:

I am writing to ask for your re-consideration of those in the grocery industry as you prioritize populations for COVID-19 vaccinations.

When the Wisconsin`s Safer at Home order went into effect back in March 2020, you emphasized the imminent threat of COVID 19, the pandemic to all our Wisconsin citizens…

“Wisconsin, this is serious, the crisis is urgent. It’s not safe to go out, it’s not safe to have others over — it’s just not safe. And it might not be safe for a while yet”

Honestly, we were all scared, but at that point all of us, Essential Businesses and Critical Infrastructure Workers, had a job to do, and that was to take care of our community and ourselves as we went to war against this unseen enemy.

I am proud of our Essential and Critical Infrastructure Workers across our state, that put their own person lives on the line along with those that they love, as we pressed on to service this community during a raging pandemic.

Please allow this group who serve such a vital need in our community access to the COVID19 vaccine as early as possible and do not move them to group 1C.


Tim Metcalfe
Metcalfe’s Market

Ken Notes: This makes sense, having a safe supply chain for food and essentials has helped keep us safe. I also want to express my support for the Tommy Thompson plan to use the UW System as a way to vaccinate as many residents as we can...

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Work-Share program requirement waived, max. funding allowed

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - A requirement was waived Monday that will allow the Work-Share Program to be extended, guaranteeing the Dept. of Workforce Development (DWD) and Wisconsin employers will receive the maximum amount of federal funding.

DWD Secretary-designee Amy Pechacek signed the waiver Monday that Work-Share plans operate no longer than six months for any work unit in a five-year period..


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Affordable apartments in Milwaukee`s Riverwest, Harbor District contend for tax credits

Developments with more than 1,000 new apartments are among this year’s competitors for the much-sought after state and federal affordable housing tax credits.


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The Biggest Donors to Wisconsin Political Parties in 2020

A loophole in Wisconsin campaign finance law allows individuals to make unlimited donations to political parties, and also allows political parties to make unlimited donations to candidates. If an individual wants to donate directly to a candidate, there are limits based on state and federal law. But not if they give through a party.

Here’s who is taking advantage of that loophole in Wisconsin, according to campaign finance records...


Ken Notes: WDN does not do politics, but it is good to know who does and a what levels. Wouldn`t it be cool if these people pooled together to buy back our newspapers and other media outlets so we could have a local independent press with real news and opinions on the opinion page rather that in the headlines????? Also why is the Illinois Governor buying Wisconsin Politics???

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WEDC must also support businesses that are thriving amid pandemic, says CEO Hughes

For Wisconsin`s early-stage companies with high-growth potential and entrepreneurs, those resources include more access to capital from Wisconsin investors, WEDC CEO Missy Hughes said.


Ken Notes:True -- but that support may not need to be in the form of cash. Helping with regulatory hurdles and long term tax stabilization may work here.

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Worried about paying mortgage? What struggling homeowners need to know

Just like renters, some homeowners also are finding it hard to keep up with their finances during the pandemic.

Here are a few resources that can help.

Who can I call for financial or legal help if I’m worried about paying my mortgage?

  • Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee: 414-727-5300
  • Mediate Milwaukee: 414-939-8800
  • Legal Action of Wisconsin: 855-947-2529
  • Social Development Commission: 414-906-2700

Resources for homeowners:...


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Residential development with senior housing advances in Bristol
Bristol Commons, a single- and multi-family project from Bear Development that would increase senior housing options, received a slate of initial approvals by the Bristol Village Board this week.

The residential development planned south of Highway 50, where 130th Avenue ends, calls for seven single-family lots and 48 multi-family units in six buildings on 10 acres of a larger tract of land. Plans also call for a clubhouse.

“I’ve been a big proponent for senior housing for years, and I’m so glad to see this come about,” Trustee Carolyn Owens said...


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Ken Notes: WDNews relies on the actual journalism provided by your local media outlets. Without these partners we can not bring you the unbiased news, leads and updates you need to thrive in Wisconsin. Support your local media...

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Land and Space / Tom Daykin
Note: I changed the link here to Toms Twitter account. JS limits the number of articles I can read so I look at TD`s Twitter feed every week. I`ll Still include JS articles but after ten you need to subscribe.

I also updated the picture because, well Tom is getting old and development is taking it`s toll!!!

Milwaukee - 1/1/2020 Journal Sentinel business reporter Tom Daykin talks about commercial real estate and development, including stores, hotels, offices, condos, apartments and industrial buildings...

Land & Space Development Database


Ken Notes: Tom Daykin is the source for ED news in MKE. This is a permanent link to articles in his blog which is updated daily...

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