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This Weeks Articles for 4/10/2024 ...

  1. Exploring the labor union developed to protect workers in Milwaukee`s Deer District ...
  2. Urban League looks to develop another major project on Madison’s South Park Street...
  3. $525 Million for Affordable Housing Grants Available...
  4. Hilton Tapestry hotel planned for Milwaukee...
  5. HUD awards $2.7 million to tribes in Wisconsin including $1.7 million for Oneida Nation housing project...
  6. Global Perspectives in the Skilled Trades Curriculum...
  7. A long-delayed affordable apartment development will begin construction this summer...
  8. Wisconsin: A Fertile Ground for Food and Beverage Innovation...
  9. Developer Given Another Month to Finalize Plans for Downtown Green Bay Apartment Building...
  10. Local Tourism Sites Appear In Ads With “Top Chef” ...
  11. WizMediBio Signs Contract with the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) for Botulinum Toxin Strain...
  12. Judge stops Osceola apartment project, reversing Village Board`s approvals...
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Avant Technologies to Build First AI-Focused Data Center in Milwaukee

LAS VEGAS, March 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Avant Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: AVAI) ("Avant" or the "Company"), an artificial intelligence technology (AI) company specializing in creating and developing innovative and advanced AI infrastructure solutions, today announced plans for the Company`s first Avant-branded micro data center, which will be specifically designed for private cloud companies in the booming AI and big data sectors. Avant`s initial data center is set to be built in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Avant expects its state-of-the-art facility to be operational in the first half of 2025...

...Milwaukee, Wisconsin, location offers Avant:...
  • Thriving Tech Hub: Milwaukee is ranked 5th on Forbes...
  • Investment Magnet:  National leader in early-stage investment growth...
  • Tech Giants Backing: Major players like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon...
  • Top-Tier Talent Pipeline: Milwaukee boasts a sizable tech talent pool...
  • Cost-Effective Advantage: 4th most affordable major U.S. city...
...The combination of Milwaukee as a thriving tech scene, strong investment hub, established tech giants, a growing talent pool, and affordability make Milwaukee the perfect inaugural location for Avant`s future success...
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Ken Notes: Nice overview for sure...

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U.S. Venture Development Agreement secures headquarters coming to Appleton

APPLETON (NBC 26) — The Appleton Common Council agreed to a development agreement with U.S. Venture, Inc. to move the company’s headquarters to downtown Appleton. The agreement was the final step in U.S. Venture’s preparations to move to the 222 Building.

U.S. Venture is planning to employ more than 600 employees to work in the new headquarters building following the completion of a full renovation.

They plan to invest $56 million in the facility and occupy all ten floors...

See also:

U.S. Venture shifts focus on building new headquarters to revitalize Appleton`s 222 building

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Exploring the labor union developed to protect workers in Milwaukee`s Deer District

Before the Deer District was even constructed, there was a lot of talk about what it would mean for Milwaukee. Developers claimed the new space would bring more money and life to the downtown neighborhood, and above all else, it would lead to jobs. But the kinds of jobs that come with a new entertainment district are often low-income, low-stability, and high-stress — the kinds of jobs Laura Dresser would consider “bad.”

Dresser is the associate director of the High Road Strategy Center, a think-tank that in-part looks at employment conditions in Wisconsin. But in the case of the Deer District, developers created a community benefits agreement ensuring certain rights for its future employees. That led to the creation of MASH — the Milwaukee Area Service and Hospitality Workers Organization, a labor union that represents these workers. A recent report from High Road Strategy Center details the benefits this union and agreement it has brought to its workers....

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Wisconsin First-Time Home Buyer: 2024 Programs and Grants

What to know about buying a house in Wisconsin

Wisconsin first-time home buyers have a leg up over buyers in some other states. Both home prices and home price inflation are well below national averages.

Of course, saving for your down payment and getting a home loan can still be a challenge. But Wisconsin has loan programs to help.

The Badger State offers special mortgages and education to first-time buyers in Wisconsin. It also has several down payment assistance programs that can help you meet your down payment and closing cost needs. Here’s what you can expect.

Verify your home buying eligibility in Wisconsin. Start here (Mar 20th, 2024)   ...Full Story Here

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Wisconsin project first in state to win sustainable landscape award

WAUWATOSA, Wis. — Irgens on Wednesday announced the first phase of Innovation Campus in Wauwatosa won certification under the Sustainable SITES Initiative through Green Business Certification Inc., making it the first Wisconsin project certified for promoting sustainable and resilient landscape development.

The developer is working on Innovation Campus adjacent to County Ground Parks, one of the largest and last remaining undeveloped areas in Milwaukee County. The area is home to various wildlife and an old growth forest.

Irgens established a goal to steward the 7.74-acre parcel to protect the area while planning the first phase of campus development, officials said...

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Urban League looks to develop another major project on Madison’s South Park Street

The group is one of three finalists who want to partner with the city on the former bus transfer site

The Urban League of Greater Madison wants to partner with Madison’s Community Development Authority to build on the “South Madison Renaissance,” an effort led by people of color to remake and redevelop parts of the south side with a community focus and without displacing the families that currently live there.

The Urban League is one of three finalists vying to redevelop the former transit transfer point at the corner of South Park Street and Badger Road. In its proposal, the group says it wants to “collaborate closely with the city of Madison and CDA on a transformational master plan for the [South Transfer Point] area that can serve as a model of racial equity, inclusive economic opportunity, and sustainability.”

Urban League, in partnership with Centro Hispano and Madison College, argues it is “uniquely positioned to ensure that the proposed redevelopment will connect all of the components of the BIPOC-led ‘South Madison Renaissance’ that has been occurring in the area. This will include linkage to the Madison College Goodman South Campus and its forthcoming Child Development Center, the ULGM Black Business Hub, the new Centro Hispano Calli, the Center for Black Excellence and Culture, and many other opportunities to create a collective of destination spaces.” Urban League, Centro Hispano, and the southside campus of Madison College are located within about a block of the redevelopment area...

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Wisconsin can now plug in to federal funds to expand EV charging

Wisconsin will receive $78 million in federal funds to build new electric vehicle charging stations across the state after Gov. Tony Evers signed two bills Wednesday laying the groundwork for the project.

The legislation changes how EV charging stations can bill customers and authorizes the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to establish a state EV charging station program that will receive and deploy federal funds under the federal 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Under the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure program, included in the infrastructure law, states will get funding to support the construction of new EV fast charging stations along major driving routes where drivers can recharge their electric vehicles in less than an hour...

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Milwaukee Bucks, Deer District community benefit deal seen as model for more development

When the new owners of the Milwaukee Bucks got help from state taxpayers to build a new basketball arena nearly a decade ago, community activists pushed for a deal that would do more for the people who would one day work there. Not the NBA stars, but the people selling refreshments, mopping the floors, providing security and fulfilling a host of other necessary tasks.

That agreement has helped foster a new trajectory for service workers, according to a new report released Wednesday — turning their low-wage and insecure work into jobs with the promise of longer term, family-sustaining careers.

It also offers a model for other city development projects besides the Bucks arena and the surrounding hospitality and entertainment district that was part of that project, the report suggests...

   ...Full Story Here

Ken Notes: This entire project has been a good model for economic development. From wages to surrounding build out the "District" has put Milwaukee on the map. Now if we can just make this summer about the city and not the politics at hand we will be in great shape. I know it is a lot to ask, but Bucks if you could just win the NBA finals in June...

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Wisconsin Developer Turned a Former Toys R Us Site Into Modern Living

Illinois-based developer Wingspan Development Group`s conversion of a former Toys R Us site into a "modern, innovative" community resulted in the creation of The Ruby at Brookfield Square, which opened in 2023.

The property received a 2024 CoStar Impact Award for multifamily development of the year for Milwaukee, as judged by real estate professionals familiar with the market.

The 5.7-acre complex includes furnished apartments, dedicated workspaces for residents who work from home and connectivity to the nearby Brookfield Square Mall.

About the Project:...

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$525 Million for Affordable Housing Grants Available

MADISON, WI (WTAQ-WRN) — New grant funding is available for affordable housing in Wisconsin.

The grants are offered by the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority.

Working families are struggling to find places to live as property values continue to rise. $525 million is being made available for developers and construction companies willing to renovate downtown properties and convert commercial space to residential.

Apply online at

   ...Full Story Here

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Development group aims to create a bikeway between Merrill and Wausau

A Merrill-based group that develops recreational trails has plans to create an off-road pathway from Merrill to Wausau.

Members of River District Development Foundation, which created the River Bend Trail in Merrill, plan a cycling and walking trail they are calling Jenny Road, after Merrill`s early name. The trail would be approximately 14 to 15 miles, running from Merrill to Wausau on the east side of the Wisconsin River. Much of the route would run parallel to a lightly-used railroad track, on property that was set aside as an easement for a electric trolley line once planned to run between the two towns, Foundation members say.

That easement is now held by Wisconsin Public Service Corporation, said Jon Krohn, president of the River District Development Foundation. That easement, he said, is key to the whole project and could fast-track the process of developing the trail...

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Hilton Tapestry hotel planned for Milwaukee

A Hilton Tapestry hotel is planned in Milwaukee. That’s according to a press release from the International Luxury Hotel Association recapping one of the association’s meetings, where a representative from Los Angeles-based BLVD Hospitality said the company was working on a Hilton Tapestry project in Milwaukee. “Blake Malecha, senior vice president at BLVD Hospitality, discussed...   ...Full Story Here

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HUD awards $2.7 million to tribes in Wisconsin including $1.7 million for Oneida Nation housing project

Two Indigenous nations in Wisconsin are receiving $2.7 million from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Officials for the federal agency announced this month that the Oneida Nation was awarded $1.7 million for the construction of eight two-bedroom homes on the reservation just west of Green Bay to help alleviate a shortage of housing.

The Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians is receiving $1 million from HUD to build a new health care facility on the reservation on the shore of Lake Superior in northern Wisconsin...

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Shot callers must balance development, historical character to preserve Madison’s historic charm

New developers threaten erasure of important architecture, unofficial landmarks, but careful planning could preserve the character of Madison

Madison’s rapid growth can be felt everywhere in the city — shiny new apartments towering above State Street, surging rent prices, and an expanding public transportation network.

Yet not all growth comes without cost. For developers fixated on building modern profit-maximizing residential and commercial spaces, existing historical landmarks often come directly into their crosshairs. Consequently, the traditional fabric of urban Madison has begun to unravel across the city...

   ...Full Story Here

Ken Notes: I would only ask one additional series questions, If we say no to a project, what is plan B?, Who is the developer?, Who is funding the project? I might also add, Why is the Historical Society demolishing an old building to build a brand new facility for their museum? This just seem hypocritical to me.

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Global Perspectives in the Skilled Trades Curriculum

Among the goals of Title VI National Resource Centers program is the promotion of student understanding of world regions and countries in the context of an increasingly interconnected global economy. As students transition to the workforce, factors beyond our borders impact their careers even if their jobs are not explicitly global in focus. It is therefore important to expand global education outreach to students and educators in fields that have not traditionally been included.

Toward that end, the Institute of World Affairs is working with the Milwaukee Area Technical College to help MATC faculty explore alternative models of teaching and certifying students in the skilled trades. In April, IWA Director Doug Savage will accompany MATC Director of Apprenticeships and Special Projects Dave Stuart on a study tour to Germany. The delegation will also include Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development Secretary Amy Pechacek and other members of DWD leadership...

...The trip will examine how recruitment into the building and manufacturing trades is built into the German educational system. Participants will also compare Germany’s competence-based assessment for apprentices with the time-based model used in Wisconsin...

   ...Full Story Here

Ken Notes: Funny when I mentioned Germany as a model a few years ago I was chastised, now it is a good idea... Truth be told it is a great idea simply by the numbers. Germany places a large number of students (1.2 Million of 8.4 Million or 14%) in apprentice programs and we do not (11,000 of 250,000 or 4.4%) and 40% of our graduates do not enter post secondary programs.

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Bad A** Coffee Says Aloha to Wisconsin: Set to Debut in Lake Geneva as Part of Multi-State Development Agreement

LAKE GENEVA, Wis., March 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Bad A** Coffee of Hawaii, a leading coffee franchise renowned for its premium sourcing of Hawaiian coffees and unforgettable cafés, announces it is bringing a location to Lake Geneva, signifying the brand`s entrance in the state of Wisconsin. This location is part of a larger multi-unit agreement that was originally for Florida, but is now strategically expanding to other states. Bad A** Coffee is slated to open its doors to the Lake Geneva community early 2025.

Behind the expansion into Wisconsin is Marquee Coffee, LLC, a group of business partners from Naples, FL, and Chicago, IL. The group signed the biggest multi-unit deal in Bad A** Coffee of Hawaii history in 2022 to bring 20 stores to Southwest Florida, which was revised in 2023 to include select markets where Chicagoans travel and own second homes. Marquee Coffee quickly identified the growth potential in Lake Geneva, which is one of the most popular vacation and second home destinations for Chicagoans. Lake Geneva follows the successful opening of Marquee Coffee`s first location in November 2023, across from the beach on Naples`s "Miracle Mile." Marquee Coffee`s overall goal is opening the rest of their stores within the next seven years...

   ...Full Story Here

Ken Notes: I am confused, A** triggers spam filters but Chicago is fine...Just kidding...

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Irgens’ Innovation Campus earns first-in-Wisconsin green milestone

Irgens‘ Innovation Campus Phase I in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, recently reached a major green milestone.

The office campus was awarded certification under the Sustainable SITES® Initiative (SITES) rating system that is administered by Green Business Certification Inc.™ (GBCI®). It is the first project in the state of Wisconsin to receive this certification, which promotes sustainable and resilient landscape development.

Innovation Campus in Wauwatosa is adjacent to County Grounds Park, one of the largest and last remaining undeveloped areas in Milwaukee County. It is home to various wildlife species including birds, butterflies, deer, owls and more. It boasts a rich habitat and miles of walking trails. It also hosts several endangered species and an old-growth forest, Sanctuary Woods...

   ...Full Story Here

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New federal spending bills to boost UW–Madison research initiatives

The University of Wisconsin–Madison is set to receive more than $56 million in new funding for research initiatives after the passage of two federal appropriations packages.

The set of bipartisan bills, signed into law by President Joe Biden on March 9 and March 23, will fund the federal government through Sept. 30. Both pieces of legislations included funding for research projects specific to UW–Madison.

“This funding is a testament to the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s leadership in research and innovation,” said Interim Vice Chancellor for Research Cynthia Czajkowski. “It reinforces our commitment to address the state and nation’s most pressing challenges, from enhancing rural economies and driving innovation in the dairy industry, to advancing research in sustainability and biofuels.”...

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A long-delayed affordable apartment development will begin construction this summer

A long-delayed affordable apartment development planned for Milwaukee`s near west side is to begin construction this summer after winning city approval.

The four-story, 71-unit building, with apartments for elderly people and people with disabilities, is planned for 3200 W. Highland Blvd. It will replace a former Aurora Family Services facility to be razed.

The $17.8 million development, known as Cornerstone Village, is being led by West Allis-based Cardinal Capital Management Inc.

The Milwaukee Board of Zoning Appeals on Thursday approved a dimensional variance to allow a larger front setback than permitted under the site`s zoning...

See Also:

Milwaukee developer breaks ground on ‘The Revv’ in West Allis

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Kalahari Resorts™ Announces Luxury Treehouse Resort in Wisconsin Dells

WISCONSIN DELLS, Wis.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Nelson family, owners and operators of Kalahari Resorts & Conventions, have announced their development of a new distinctive resort experience in the Wisconsin Dells area called Dawn Manor™ in homage to the historical home previously located on the resort’s land. The lodging at the new resort, named “Kalahari Treehouse Collection™ at Dawn Manor™”, will feature 21 partially supported luxury treehouses and 31 ground-supported houses, in addition to a 10,000-square-foot Wisconsin supper club, named Daylene’s Supper Club™ at Dawn Manor™, all overlooking scenic Lake Delton.

“Our family, along with our thousands of dedicated associates, have been bringing beyond-expectations experiences to millions of guests for decades. We intend to continue that legacy with our new luxury treehouse resort by creating a truly unique experience for guests who want to escape from it all, surrounded by nature, while only being minutes away from all the amenities the Dells area has to offer,” said Todd Nelson, CEO, founder, and owner of Kalahari Resorts.

The Kalahari Treehouse Collection™ at Dawn Manor™, located off County Road A on Lake Delton, will also feature a reconstructed beach area and 18 boat slips with both beach and restaurant access, in addition to a refreshed gazebo and boathouse....
   ...Full Story Here

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MadREP News

Stay up to date by reading our MadREP Report,a bi-monthly newsletter that features regional economic development news, events and opportunities.

See Also:


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Kwik Trip distribution center may soon be built in DeForest

A new Kwik Trip distribution center may soon rise from an empty farm field in DeForest.

The convenience store company paid $14.1 million for 151 acres in the village in the southwest quadrant of the intersection of Highways 51 and 19, and is in talks with village officials about using 60 of those acres to build a new distribution center that could serve about 350 stores. The remaining 91 acres will likely be considered for future development, according to DeForest Administrator Bill Chang.

Kwik Trip has been in talks with DeForest and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation since late fall, when the convenience store chain bought the land proposed for the distribution center. The field, south of the UW-Health DeForest-Windsor Clinic and west of the UnityPoint Health-Meriter DeForest-Windsor Clinic, was in the town of Burke before it was annexed to DeForest...

   ...Full Story Here

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WEDC has awarded 14 $3M tax credits for investors in innovative businesses in `24

(The Center Square) – Wisconsin’s Department of Economic Development has awarded $3 million in tax credits to investors in 14 startups in the state so far in 2024.

The tax credits are part of the state’s Qualified New Business Venture program, which began in 2005. It gives 25% transferrable tax credits for investors in qualified new businesses capped at $3 million for a $12 million cash equity investment.

Businesses can apply for the credits for investors if they are developing innovative products, processes or services and are headquartered in Wisconsin, have fewer than 100 employees with 51% based in Wisconsin and have been in operation for 10 consecutive years or less.

The investor cannot control or be closely related to someone who controls more than 20% of the company...

   ...Full Story Here

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Madison Plan Commission again denies State Street development

Madison’s Plan Commission once again halted a proposal to redevelop an historic section of the 400 block of State Street.

The Plan Commission voted 5-3 to stop the demolition of three buildings along the 400 block of State Street which used to house B-Side Records and Freedom Skate Shop, locally owned businesses that had been staples on the block since the mid-1970s.

A proposed development from local developer JD McCormick called for buildings at 428-444 State Street to be razed to build a 6-story, 26-unit apartment building that would include approximately 6,500 square feet of first floor commercial space...

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Five construction projects aim to reshape UW-Madison’s future

The University of Wisconsin-Madison and the city of Madison are currently undergoing a series of construction projects to create larger spaces for several programs on and off campus.

Here are five construction projects shaping UW-Madison’s future:
  • A brand new School of Computer, Data & Information Sciences

  • Irving and Dorothy Levy Hall

  • A new engineering building

  • Lake Street garage demolition, redevelopment

  • Kronshage, Humphrey, Jorns residence halls renovation

   ...Full Story Here

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Wisconsin: A Fertile Ground for Food and Beverage Innovation

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation helps highlight the innovative and sustainable practices of the state`s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Generating more than $100 billion annually, Wisconsin’s food and beverage industry is a vital component of the state’s economy, renowned for its culinary innovation and environmental stewardship. Home to eight of the 10 largest food companies globally, Wisconsin has cultivated a dynamic ecosystem of more than 3,700 enterprises, establishing itself as a national leader.

While Wisconsin is renowned for its dairy and cheese, its culinary tapestry extends far beyond these beloved staples. The state is home to a thriving community of food and beverage producers, encompassing both innovative startups and established large-scale operations. This flourishing environment is particularly conducive to entrepreneurs, as evidenced by the upcoming season of Bravo’s “Top Chef” choosing Wisconsin to showcase the state’s culinary diversity and its burgeoning food and beverage startups...

   ...Full Story Here

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Developer Given Another Month to Finalize Plans for Downtown Green Bay Apartment Building

GREEN BAY, WI (WTAQ-WLUK) — A Milwaukee developer looking to build a luxury apartment building on a parking lot in downtown Green Bay has an extra month to finalize the plans.

Green Bay’s Redevelopment Authority on Tuesday approved an extension for New Land Enterprises’ planning option. The company is proposing an eight-story building on the empty parking lot on Cherry Street, between Adams and Washington streets...

   ...Full Story Here

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Economic Development Resources

Twin Cities-Milwaukee-Chicago Intercity Passenger Rail Service

Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority


Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce Directory

of Workforce

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Local Tourism Sites Appear In Ads With “Top Chef”

When the Wisconsin season of Bravo’s Top Chef premiered last week, viewers around the country saw Travel Wisconsin’s first-ever national advertisement.

Travel Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) split a 30-second ad spot, which will  air nationally on Bravo in each of the 14 episodes filmed in Milwaukee and Madison.

The video includes a few frames of The Ridges Sanctuary and Cave Point County Park in Door County.

A high-resolution version of the commercial can be viewed at
   ...Full Story Here

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Multi-use development proposed in South Beloit

SOUTH BELOIT — An $80 to $90 million development project is being proposed along Shirland Avenue in South Beloit.

According to a development agreement, Rock River Development, LLC, which is based in Georgia, is proposing a mixed-use project which may include multi-family and residential housing, office space, commercial retail space, restaurants and other uses. The project is planned for property along Shirland Avenue across the street from ABC Supply Stadium.

South Beloit City Administrator Sonya Hoppes said the development has been in the due diligence stage for about a year...

   ...Full Story Here

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Despite rising incomes, a 50% jump in Wisconsin home prices poses big challenge for buyers

It`s become much harder for middle-class Wisconsin residents to buy a home in the past several years, according to a new report from the Wisconsin Policy Forum.

In just five years, the median home sale price in Wisconsin rose by more than 50%, according to the report, which examined how housing costs changed between 2017 and 2022. 

Wisconsin`s home prices have been deemed a crisis by state leaders, who are scrambling to encourage more home construction across the state.

The Wisconsin Policy Forum report breaks down which parts of the housing market are facing the biggest crisis, analyzing home prices and rents by county...

   ...Full Story Here

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Interstate 94`s expansion will cost $1.74 billion and run through 2031. Here`s what we know

Interstate 94`s expansion on Milwaukee`s west side will cost an estimated $1.74 billion, with the construction work scheduled to run from late 2025 to 2031.

That amounts to another huge project for southeastern Wisconsin`s freeway system. It will affect commuters, businesses that need to relocate, and Milwaukee Brewers fans who might have fewer parking spaces.

Here`s what we know.

Most of the work centers on adding two lanes

The project centers on widening I-94 from six lanes to eight lanes between 16th and 70th streets.
   ...Full Story Here

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Bids open for $78.4M juvenile correctional facility in Milwaukee

Construction bids for a juvenile correctional facility in Milwaukee are open, with the state estimating construction costs of nearly $55 million. The facility will likely open in 2026, years after legislators’ deadline to replace two juvenile centers in northern Wisconsin.

The new facility will replace Lincoln Hills School for Boys and Copper Lake School for Girls, both located outside Irma in northern Wisconsin, according to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. In August 2023, the state approved the $78.4 million project, which is meant to house youths who are serving sentences as serious offenders. However, lawmakers originally set the delivery date for 2021 and lack of funding caused delays.

General prime contractor bids for the one-story, around 71,000-square-foot correctional facility at 7930 West Clinton Ave. will close May 8; bids for mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors will close April 24...

   ...Full Story Here

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WizMediBio Signs Contract with the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) for Botulinum Toxin Strain

SEOUL, KOREA, April 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WizMedi Bio Co., Ltd. (WizMedi Bio) today announced that it has reached a formal agreement with the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), established by the University of Wisconsin, for the patent and technical licensing of the A6 botulinum neurotoxin strain. This agreement enables WizMedi Bio to prove the origin of the strain, which has been the primary hurdle to the botulinum toxin business, and paves a pathway to develop a stable new business in the market.   ...Full Story Here

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Judge stops Osceola apartment project, reversing Village Board`s approvals

Citing evidence and "public outcry," Judge Daniel Tolan ruled the building would be visible from the St. Croix River in violation of environmental protections.

A Polk County judge has stopped a riverfront construction project from moving forward after agreeing with plaintiffs that an apartment complex proposed for a bluff in Osceola, Wis., would be visible from the St. Croix River in violation of environmental protections.

The legal skirmish over the proposed 95-unit complex, called the Osceola Bluffs Development, has emerged as the most recent test of the 55-year-old Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, the federal legislation co-written by former U.S. Sen. Walter Mondale that designated the St. Croix and Namekagon rivers as part of the National Park System.

   ...Full Story Here

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Ken Notes: WDNews relies on the actual journalism provided by your local media outlets. Without these partners we can not bring you the unbiased news, leads and updates you need to thrive in Wisconsin. Support your local media...

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Land and Space / Tom Daykin

Note: I changed the link here to Toms Twitter account. JS limits the number of articles I can read so I look at TD`s Twitter feed every week. I`ll Still include JS articles but after ten you need to subscribe.

I also updated the picture because, well Tom is getting old and development is taking it`s toll!!!

Milwaukee - 1/1/2020 Journal Sentinel business reporter Tom Daykin talks about commercial real estate and development, including stores, hotels, offices, condos, apartments and industrial buildings...

Land & Space Development Database

   ...Full Story Here

Ken Notes: Tom Daykin is the source for ED news in MKE. This is a permanent link to articles in his blog which is updated daily...

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